An interview with our Lead Esthetician Ilana

Q:What inspired you to follow this career path?
A: When I dropped out of college I had always wanted to do something creatively inspiring. I discovered I could become educated in my passion and become a lifelong Esthetician!

Q:What do you find most rewarding in your career?
A:Any little boost of confidence and education I can give to my clients will always be my biggest reward.

Q: Describe the most outrageous experience you’ve ever had in your career.
A: I was waxing a client when I stepped out and realized I had a nose bleed. There were no other Estheticians working to recover me and finish the appointment. I stuck cotton up my nose and put a surgical mask on. I walked through the door and told my client not to be alarmed. I finished her wax and realized nothing could ever embarrass me after this!

Q: What is your favorite part of your career?
A: Education and developting lasting relationships with my clients are my favorite parts of my job. After 8 years I am still feeling so lucky I get to do what I love.

Q: How do you want to further your career?
A: When I have a little more free time, I would love to start offering Continuing Education Classes. I also want to continue to be a mentor at my esthetic school and hopefully more in the future. Also, continue to furthering my coworkers success as well!

Q: Who has been your biggest cheerleader?
A: My parents. They tried to convince me to not attend college and were thankful when I chose to end my college career. They are so in awe with the idea that I have become successful in doing what I love. They are truly inspiring people.