Curious About Cupping?
Cupping seems to be all the craze at the Olympics this summer in Rio. But did you know that this treatment is really quite old, originating from ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures. The treatment involves a therapist placing series of special cups on the skin. Either heat or a mechanical vacuum causes a slight suction that raises the skin and causes the blood vessels to expand. This leads to the many report benefits from cupping including:
• increased circulation
• decreases in pain
• relaxation
• reduced inflammation
• and much more!
Cupping and massage are often used together. Cupping uses inverse pressure where as massage uses direct pressure, but both are used to treat muscle aches, pain and fatigue and a variety of other conditions.
Interested in trying cupping for yourself? Premier offers cupping as an add-on to any massage service for just $10. Please talk to our staff to learn more about this option.